Key To Happiness Campaign

Print Key To Happiness cards here.

What Is The Key To Happiness Campaign?
The Key To Happiness Campaign follows the simple pay-it-forward concept. Participants are encouraged to print out a Key To Happiness card, and distribute the card to another individual after providing an act of service for that individual.

The individual that receives the Key To Happiness, then has the opportunity to continue the cycle by giving someone else the Key To Happiness after performing an act of service for that individual.

Why Participate In The Campaign?
We find true happiness in serving others, and the Key To Happiness Campaign is designed to spread that happiness to people everywhere.

What Does Do? provides a system of web pages that generate money for colleges and universities. HoPaLi also focuses on various service related endeavors, like the Key To Happiness Campaign.

Key To Happiness

I found the Key To Happiness is service.

Please provide a simple act of service for someone that you see in need, then pass this card to them.

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