Charitable Efforts of is a free fundraising system for schools and home of the Key To Happiness Campaign.

School Pages Are Free & Have No Ads:
HoPaLi is supported and fully funded by the charitable contributions of the Ortho Scholar orthodontic marketing service and VeCaAd Marketing, so school pages cost nothing and stay ad-free.

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Ready To Start?

  1. Contact HoPaLi   (For school verification)
  2. Claim Your School Page
  3. Edit Your School Page

What Does Do For Schools?

  1. Sets up a page dedicated to the school.
  2. Assists the school in obtaining a Google™ partner publisher account.
  3. Places the school's partner publisher search bar on the school's page.   Sample Page

Why Set Up A Page?

  1. ALL revenue generated by the search bar goes directly to the school.
  2. NO contracts or use requirements.

How Does The Search Bar Make Money?
After a page is set up, the school can direct users to the page, and can even set it as the homepage of their lab computers. As students, faculty, staff, and alumni use the page, the custom search bar generates an ongoing income absolutely free!

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Sample HoPaLi School Homepage Screenshot